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Advertising At TheGoldBalls

Thank you for your interest in advertising on TheGoldBalls! This page was made to inform you of the various advertising possibilities that we have to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us!

Why Advertise On TheGoldBalls?
If you are looking for highly efficient and quality, top performance advertising at a very affordable price, then look no further, because TheGoldBalls will be your choice! Promote your website, product or program, advertise on our very popular, fun and reputable website! Expose your advertisement, website or program to a very large audience!

Option 1: Banner Advertisements - Only $25 Per month!
Standard (468x60) banner advertising on both top and bottom of every page at

Option 2: Sponsor Link for each game - Only $1 Per day
Put your banner
 (468x60)  and links in our sponsor area, which guarantee you serious visitors to your site that last at least 15 seconds! How it works? Every time a player want to play a game, he needs to click on one of our sponsor banners, after which he is taken to a frames page, on which the lower, much larger frame displays your website while in the upper frame the game result is shown up. This is a much more effective way of promoting your site than pop-up/under advertising! As the user has nothing else to do but to look at your page, he will most probably interact with it. Our system prevents users from leaving the confirmation page and playing further tickets/confirming prizes.

How to buy the above package?
- First, send the payment to our accounts listed as follows:

-- Paypal:
-- Liberty Reserve Acct.: U8390119

- Then, email us about your AD information, including banner url, link url and we will process everything. You will be informed how to check the status of your ad.



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